Taiwan guarantees Indonesians under health insurance system

The national health insurance system implemented in Taiwan also includes foreign nationals, including 270,000 Indonesian migrant workers who work legally and more than 10,000 students. (The Taipei Economic and Trade Office-TETO)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The health cares implemented in Taiwan have received an international recognition for its good quality and affordable costs.

Many Taiwanese who work or study abroad prefer returning to their homeland to get the health care to seeking treatment at their places overseas.


A statement from the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) mentioned that the health cares on the Formosa Island are supported by the Taiwan National Health Insurance system.

The system also includes foreign nationals, including 270,000 Indonesian migrant workers who work legally and more than 10,000 students.

By joining the health system, they can enjoy international-class medical facilities.


The national health insurance system which has been applied by Taiwan since 1995 is mandatory. All Republic of China (Taiwan) citizens who have family cards in Taiwan must be included in the system.

In the spirit of one for all, all for one, foreign nationals who have a Taiwanese Residence Visa and comply with relevant regulations should also participate in Taiwan’s national health insurance to protect their rights on health cares.

The main sources of health insurance funds come from three parties, namely the insured, the employers, and the government.


The cost of health insurance for low-income or non-income residents is subsidized by the government.

Meanwhile, the health insurance costs paid by the insured each month are based on their monthly salary.

The higher the income, the greater the cost of health insurance paid per month.


The salary range which is determined by the national health insurance for workers is divided into 48 levels.

The lowest monthly salary in Taiwan is 23,800 New Taiwan dollars and the highest monthly salary at level 48 is 182,000 New Taiwan dollars.

The employee pays 30 percent of the monthly health insurance premium, while the employer pays 60 percent and the government pays 10 percent.


As an illustration, those with the first-rate salary of 23,800 New Taiwan dollars per month should pay 335 New Taiwan dollars per month each. Meanwhile, their employers have to pay 1,058 New Taiwan dollars each and the government should pay 176 New Taiwan dollars.

Therefore, under the national health insurance system, the majority of citizens as salary recipients can obtain world-class medical standards at a relatively low cost.

This is the reason why Taiwan’s national health insurance ranks best in the survey on the public satisfaction and supports.



In many countries, health insurance uses limited liability, some even do not cover medicines and dental cares.

Unlikely, Taiwan’s national health insurance also includes the costs of outpatient cares, surgeries, hospitalization, and medicines.


More than 90 percent of hospitals and small clinics in Taiwan are special partners for the national health insurance.

As long as people have the national health insurance cards, they can go to hospitals or the smallest clinic in Taiwan at any time.

They can get medical cares as soon as possible as they do not have to wait for weeks or months to see doctors and do surgeries like many other countries experience.


Another advantage of Taiwan’s national health insurance is the digitization and cloud computing system for making patients’ medical records.

The patients’ data will be transmitted to the cloud every time they seek treatment as a reference for other doctors. This avoids the waste of medical resources if they have to be treated in the future.

The high quality of Taiwan’s health care makes it the most liveable and working country in the world according to the 2019 InterNations Germany survey.


Taiwan’s capital of Taipei is also ranked first as the most suitable city for work and live in 2020.

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