Taiwan applies spectacular safe fireworks technology

A firework show at Taipei 101 building, Taiwan. (TETO)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – In just few hours, one of the world’s skyscrapers, Taipei 101, located in the capital city of Taiwan, will be the center of an amazing celebration of the new 2020 with a spectacular firework displays.

Every year the launch of fireworks in the 508-meter-high Taipei 101 which has 101 floors is always amazing.


However, not many people understand that the design of fireworks and the launch process is not easy, as the measures have considerable risks. Moreover, the new year’s celebration in the Taipei 101 invites millions of spectators who pack the area around the launch, so the range of fireworks became very limited.

In addition to paying attention to the security of buildings in the vicinity, human safety is also a major factor that must be taken into account by the organizer.

With that in mind, the Taipei 101 fireworks every year use a single pipe firework. The firework launch technology has a lower risk because it does not use gunpowder or “firework bombs”.


Basically, a single pipe firework has limited variation and the effect of a fireworks explosion is not as similar as that of a fireworks bomb.

But this year, the single pipe firework used in Taipei 1010 uses new technology to create a firework effect like never before.

The technology will display two types and three colors of fireworks at once in one single firework pipe and thereby increase the effect of variations of fireworks.


In addition, the celebration of the new year 2020 in the Taipei 101wil also integrate the T-Pad Light Network into the planning of the new year’s celebration this time and become the performing arts’ important part of the Surprise 101. 101 amazing New Year.

This year the T-Pad light network is renewed, reprinted, and managed with fully enclosed transparent grid technology.

In addition, each LED light on the T-Pad Light Network has passed the high standard inspection IP68 (Ingress Protection 68) and has a level of water and dust resistance that allows viewers to see in the distance of 235 meters long, 36 meters wide and to the extent of 8,400 square meters.


With 140,000 LED lights formed on the T-Pad Light Network, visual performances displayed through a rectangular screen as tall as the Taipei 101 will be comfortably enjoyable.

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