Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Managing universities or higher educational institution to improve their quality and credibility is a complicated work.

The management should take care of documents on such internal visions as teaching resources, lecturers and student researches, community service, and submit various files to reach accreditation.


The Higher Education Service Institution (LLDIKTI) for Region III – formerly named the Private Higher Education Coordination (Kopertis) – understands the complexity of the process, while looking at technology 4.0 which is now applied everywhere.

Then, born an Integrated Information and Service System application called SIL@T, which is expected to improve the services of the institution for universities.

This new application was introduced in an event held at Bina Sarana Informatika in Jakarta recently which was symbolically opened by the Deputy of the Public Service at the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Prof. Dr. Diah Natalisa.


In her remarks, Prof. Diah expressed her support for SIL@T because it, hoping that this application would be applied in other regions of LLDIKTI throughout Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Head of LLDIKTI Region II Dr. Illah Sailah stated that LLDIKTI Region III applies the 4F principle in performing services,  namely Faster, Focusing, Flexible, and Facilitating.

“Kopertis has been transformed into LLDIKTI where we ensure quality assurance mandated in the Law Number 12 of 2012. SIL@T is part of our strategies initiated by Dr. M. Samsuri to support services in quality assurance for universities,”Illah remarked.


Furthermore, the Secretary of the LLDIKTI Region III, Dr. M. Samsuri, explained that SIL@T integrated several service systems provided by the institution such as the early warning system (EWS) for universities and other systems.

“The SIL@T application provides single sign on to see all the services available at LLDIKTI Region III,” Samsuri said, who is also the founder of SIL@T, adding that bureaucratic reforms were carried out by cutting down some unnecessary process.

“In addition, we also have to provide fast service, provide flexible services, and provide pleasant services,” he added.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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