Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Not only does the economic growth or the most sophisticated technology make a country advanced, but also healthy and smart mothers who will give births to qualified-future generations.

Therefore, the Indonesian Ministry of Health runs a Pregnant Mother and Toddler Class program aiming at increasing knowledge, changing the attitudes and behavior of mothers regarding health and childbirths, child growth and development.


At the commemoration of the 55th National Health Day on Tuesday (Nov 12), Pregnant Mother and Toddler Classes were simultaneously held in the Provinces of South Sulawesi, Lampung and Banten.

During the event, Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto talked to the class participants via a video conference from the Ministry of Health Office in Jakarta.

The Minister of Health said the Class of Pregnant Mother and Toddler was aimed at reducing Maternal Mortality Rate and Toddler Mortality Rate.


“Maternal and child health must be taken into consideration. The Pregnant Mother and Toddler Class is one of the efforts in maintaining health in the First 1,000 Days of Life,” the minister said.


In a dialogue with the minister of health, Governor of South Sulawesi Nurdin Abdullah conveyed the achievements obtained by the Provincial Administration regarding the handling of stunting issue.


The number of stunting cases in South Sulawesi continues to decline, even now below 10 percent.

According to the governor, one of the 2020 regional budget allocations is to increase the quality of human resources by providing health services for all people in the province.

Nurdin Abdullah added the provincial administration had committed to the vision of the First 1,000 Days of Life, hoping that in the next few years, no one would ever suffer from stunting in South Sulawesi.


Meanwhile, Head of the Lampung Provincial Health Office dr. Reihana said the number of stunting cases in the area has declined from 42 percent to 27 percent today.

“We have to work even harder to reduce stunting by up to 20 percent. Lampung Province is ready to work in synergy with the Ministry of Health in implementing the program,” Reihana said.

In Banten Province, the Pregnant Mother and Toddler Classes are conducted in eight districts/cities.


In order to reduce stunting cases as well as maternal mortality rates and infant mortality rates, the Banten Provincial Health Office has conducted several activities such as roadshows for Pregnant Mother and Toddler Classes and socialization of the Healthy Living Community Movement in eight districts/cities.

“We carry out the activities to improve the knowledge and quality of health workers, as well as distribute health services for mothers and toddlers. We have some innovations, including providing assistance for expecting mothers and toddlers,” Head of Banten Provincial Office M. Yusuf added.

The Pregnant Mother and Toddler Class is expected to improve the quality of health of expecting mothers and their babies, as well as reducing the number of deaths of pregnant mothers and toddlers.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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