LSPR first Indonesian educational institution joining Alibaba global program

The Communications and Business Institute of the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) becomes the first Indonesian educational institution joining the Alibaba Global E-commerce Talent (GET) program. (LSPR)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Communications and Business Institute of the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) becomes the first Indonesian educational institution joining the Alibaba Global E-commerce Talent (GET) program.

A statement from the LSPR said the GET program is an Alibaba Global Initiative for immersive e-commerce training for educational institutions by combining digital economic curricula and fostering talent in the field of digital commerce.


The program allows lecturers of the LSPR Business Faculty to have access to trainings, offline trainings in Hangzhou, China, and online trainings in GET online learning platform and simulation platform taught by experts from Alibaba.

Furthermore, GET-certified lecturers can empower students with knowledge and skills in digital economics.

The LSPR also has access to the latest e-commerce curriculum and learning materials based on real-world case studies, and multimedia learning assets.


In addition, the LSPR has become part of the Alibaba GET network with other educational institutions around the world such as those in Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, South Korea and India, which have joined the GET Program.

“We have prepared our best lecturers who will join the GET program. After participating in the program, they will teach the materials to students. We are confident that with this program students will be more qualified, ready to face the challenges of the workforce, even ready to open their own businesses, of course, by using digital technology that continues to develop in the future,” Dean of LSPR’s Faculty of Business M. Alppy Valdez said.



The LSPR participation in the GET program is an innovative lecture at the Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Communications.

The LSPR students can attend lectures related to the GET program within one year.

Students who take part in the GET program will gain insights on industry, digital economic best practices, and action-based learnings.


The LSPR lecturers will teach the curriculum and syllabus of the GET program using case studies, case videos, instruction manuals, presentations, industry leading research reports, references and e-commerce simulation platform provided by Alibaba Business School.

Students who have graduated from the GET program will receive Digital Economy and Digital Entrepreneur professional certificates.

“Building talent that can meet the needs of the digital economy era, especially in the midst of COVID-19, is a common mission of academics around the world,” Alibaba Group Vice President Brian A. Wong said.


However, according to him, there are many educational institutions that have difficulty finding ways to use the current digital transformation and integrate it in teaching.

“We welcome the LSPR Institute of Communications and Business as the Indonesian first participant in the GET. Later with other educational institutions it is expected to present the best education that can inspire young Indonesians to make successes in the future,” Wong added.

Meanwhile, LSPR founder and CEO Prita Kemal Gani said the educational institution she leads has a common mission with the Alibaba GET Program, which is to make younger people in Indonesia more familiar with e-commerce and able to achieve successes in the digital economy era.


Lazada Indonesia’s Senior Vice President Haikal Bekti Anggoro stated that LSPR’s participation as the first educational institution in Indonesia to join the GET program is in line with its corporate mission.

“Our mission is to accelerate growth in Southeast Asia through trade and technology. We believe that early e-commerce education will help the development of a healthy and safe digital economic ecosystem in Indonesia,” he said.

Haikal hoped that GET certification provides more value for the LSPR Business Faculty graduates to get jobs they want, and foster an entrepreneurial spirit.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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