Indonesian Ulemas Council bans Israeli products

Plumes of smoke appear to rise following an Israeli air strike on Gaza City on November 9, 2023. Israel on Thursday (Nov. 9) vowed that its troops would continue to intensify fighting in the heart of Gaza City in the next few days, despite a four-hour humanitarian pause every day. (Xinhua)

The Indonesian Ulemas Council calls for banning Israeli products, supporting the Palestinian independence, and fighting against Israeli aggressions.


Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Chairman of the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) for Fatwa (decree handed down by an Islamic religious leader), Prof. Asrorun Niam Sholeh has emphasized that supporting the struggle for the Palestinian independence against the Israeli aggressions is an obligatory. On the other hand, supporting Israel and its products that back up Israel is haram (forbidden in Islamic law).


“Supporting parties who support the Israeli aggressions, either directly or indirectly, such as by purchasing products from manufacturers who clearly support the Israeli aggressions is haram,” Prof. Niam stressed when delivering MUI’s fatwa, here on Friday (Nov. 10), quoted from the official MUI website here on Saturday.

The professor of Islamic jurisprudence at the State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta appealed to Muslims to avoid transactions as many as possible and not use Israeli products, including those affiliated with Israel and those that support colonialism and zionism.

“Supporting the Palestinian independence is currently mandatory. So we must not support parties who are fighting against Palestine, including using products which are actually used to support the killing of Palestinians,” he stressed.


Furthermore, he stated that supporting the Palestinian independence could be done by collecting and distributing Islamic alms.

“Muslims are encouraged to support the Palestinian struggle, such as raising funds for humanity, praying for their victory, and performing gaib prayers (a special prayer) for the Palestinian martyrs,” Prof. Niam said.

The Fatwa Number 83 of 2023 concerning the law on support for Palestine also recommends the Indonesian government to take firm steps to help the Palestinian struggle.


This could be done, among other things, through diplomacy at the United Nations (UN) to stop the war and impose sanctions against Israel, sending humanitarian aid, and consolidating the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries to pressure Israel to stop the aggressions.

Apart from that, the MUI also emphasized that zakat (the Islamic alms) from Muslims in Indonesia could be distributed for the benefits of the jihad for Palestinian independence.

“Basically, zakat must be distributed to mustahik (zakat recipients) close to muzakki (zakat giver). “In an emergency situation, zakat may be distributed to mustahik who live further away, such as for Palestinians,” he stressed.


Prof. Niam invited BAZNAS (the National Amil Zakat Agency) and LAZNAS (the National Amil Zakat Intuitions) to raise zakat and Islamic alms to help the struggle of Muslims in Palestine.

This fatwa was issued as a form of MUI’s responsibility in responding to Israeli aggressions against Palestine which threatens humanity. Unfortunately, there are some parties who express their empathy and support for Israel, both directly and indirectly, including discrediting those who provide support for Palestinians and their independence.

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