Indonesian govt opens access to oil, gas data

Illustration of data. (Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The completeness and accuracy of data is one of the factors that determine the success of every business.

In order to increase investment in the upstream oil and gas industry sector, the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will open access to data on oil and gas potential and resources with a membership system for all parties in need.


“After a long-term preparation, the government will apply a membership system for those who want to access upstream oil and gas data,” an expert staff member on natural resources economics, Sampe L Purba, said here on Monday (Feb 3), according to a press release from the ministry.

Sampe noted that non-members and observers could access general data.

This membership system is expected to boost oil and gas exploration works.


Meanwhile, Head of Data and Information Technology Centre Agus Cahyono Adi said members could access database, processed data, and interpretation data, while non-members coild only access database and general data.

“Basically database and general data could be accessed free of charge,” Agus said.



The membership system is divided into two types, namely compulsory members consisting of Cooperation Contract Contractors (KKKS) and non-mandatory members, namely, business entities, permanent business entities, universities, and task force units.

Besides members, data in Oil and Gas Data Repository (MDR) can be accessed by non-members and observers.

Non-members can access database and general data, and may request certain data, while observers can only access database and general data.


The fee amount for members has been set at US$50,000 for 12 Cooperation Contract Contractors with more than five Work Areas, US$40,000 for 41 contractors that have two to five Work Areas, US$20,000 for 80 contractors with one Work Areas, and US$35,000 for non-compulsory members.

Data usage services through the membership system have been managed under The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 7 of 2019 which was promulgated on August 2, 2019.

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