Indonesia, Taiwan agree on 20 agreements since 2016

Head of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) John Chen. (TETO)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Since the implementation of the New Southbound Policy in 2016, Taiwan has continued to promote various cooperative relationships with Indonesia.

This was confirmed by the Head of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) John Chen in a written statement received in Jakarta, earlier this week.

“Since 2016, the two sides have signed a total of 20 memorandums of understanding and cooperation plans to continue to deepen bilateral cooperation in the fields of trade and economic development, labor, agriculture, education and training, civil aviation and technology,” he said.

Taiwan, according to the Head of TETO, is Indonesia’s 10th largest trading partner and 9th largest source of foreign capital.

“Taiwanese private companies are also accelerating an effort to align the government’s New Southbound Policy, by relocating factories from China to Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries to rebuild their industrial supply chains, such as Meiloon Industrial, Pegatron Technology, Kenda Rubber, Walsin Lihwa, and others, which will help Indonesia’s economic development,” he explained.

Currently, there are more than 300,000 Indonesians working, studying and living in Taiwan, and they are treated well, enjoying social security and medical care on par with Taiwanese, Chen said.

“There are also more than 20,000 Taiwanese entrepreneurs in Indonesia who have invested and set up factories in Indonesia, created jobs, helped economic and social development, lived in harmony with the Indonesian people, and jointly contributed to a democratic, free, peaceful and prosperous Indonesian society,” he added.

Over the past year or so, the global COVID-19 pandemic situation has been quite severe.

The Taiwanese government and the private sector continue to donate medical masks, oxygen generators, high-flow oxygen therapy (HFNC), oxygen cylinders, PPE (personal protective equipment) equipment, and automatic PCR machines to the archipelago through different channels, supporting joint anti-pandemic efforts with Indonesian medical staff in the frontline.

The head of TETO said Taiwanese organizations in Indonesia, including the Indonesia Tzu Chi Foundation, Indonesia Taiwan Chambers of Commerce (ITCC), Tiga Roda Charity Foundation, and others also donated protective equipment, medical equipment and relief supplies, actively assisting medical institutions in fighting the pandemic, and helping underprivileged communities to overcome their difficulties.

In the face of the global pandemic, more international cooperation is needed to jointly resolve the crisis and accelerate economic recovery after the pandemic.

“I call on all parties in Indonesia to support Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations, to allow Taiwan to formally integrate with the international community and play a constructive role in line with the universal principles, and respect for human rights proclaimed by the United Nations, together promote the United Nations-initiated Sustainable Development Goals,” Chen said.

Taiwan is a friendly world power, the UN should accept this valuable good partner, he stressed.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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