Hajj1441 – Arafat sermon highlights Sharia for life

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Suleiman Al-Manea, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars and Adviser at the Royal Court were delivering the Arafat sermon, highlighting the Islamic Sharia as a solution to the problems of human life. (The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah/The Saudi Ministry of Media)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Arafat sermon on the 1441 Hijri/2020 hajj pilgrimage which was delivered by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Suleiman Al-Manea, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars and Adviser at the Royal Court, highlighted the Islamic Sharia as a solution to the problems of human life.

Sheikh Al-Manea said, all disasters that occur in human life in the world are the way to further fear Allah ﷻ.


The blessed Islamic Sharia comes with steps to prevent and deal with disasters.

“Allah ﷻ gives us directives in face of all disasters, as well as financial and economic problems in order to materialize prosperity for humans,” Sheikh Al-Manea said.

Sheikh said, Islamic Sharia encourages people to earn a living and work.


The Sharia also encourages people to do trading by applying Sharia principles that only permit buying and selling based on the Islamic ruling called halal, as well as forbid usury, fraud, and manipulation in transactions.

In working and interacting with the society, Islamic Sharia requires people to respect public and private properties, and fulfil promises and be consistent with its conditions.

Islam also regulates bilateral cooperation and trade, and orders to pay debts and record all transactions made with others.


In addition, Islam forbids transgressions in any aspects and obliges to pay zakat (the Islamic alms) for the needy and the poor even when being in difficult and suffering days.

In social and psychological matters, Allah ﷻ commands Muslims to serve parents, maintain family ties, improve children’s education, as well as build social relationships and establish social solidarity.

In the family issues, Islam commands husband and wife to fulfil the rights of their spouses and meet their obligations to others.


Allah also commands Muslims to guarantee human rights of men, women, children, old people and young people, including those who are healthy, sick and disabled.

Islam’s attention to the mental condition of humans is also reflected in the command of Allah ﷻ to care all humans when they are in trouble by spreading love, harmony and building cooperation among people.

In matters of politics and security, Sharia guides Muslims to fulfil human rights and safeguard their blood and property by forbidding violence and harassment of others.


Islam also forbids Muslim to provoke any conflict, foster terrorism, damage life, avoid causes of slander, and not respond to enemies.

On the other hand, Islamic Sharia orders Muslims to be disciplined in applying the rules, and to obey leaders as long as for the goodness.

Islam requires to do justice, bring benefits, rejects all forms of destructive actions.


“This year we reiterate that it is a must for pilgrims as well as everyone assisting them, to adhere the precautionary regulations that have been implemented. This is done for their own safety ,” Sheikh Al-Manea said.

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