Western research confirms Islam as peaceful religion

Muslims flocked to the Grand Mosque in Makkah. (ekrem osmanoglu on Unsplash)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Muslim World League (MWL) Secretary General Muhammad Al-Issa said that one section of the Western people realizes that Islam is a peaceful religion and that Islam has never imposed religion by coercion on anyone.

“This section does not judge Islam with a single perspective but only through research and deep study,” Al-Issa stated while replying to a question during a television program titled In the horizon on MBC Television Channel, Saudi Gazette reported.

During the program, the MWL chief answered the question, “Some see that the West stands hostile to the Islamic religion, and judges it from a single perspective, while some others ask about the reasons for the state of anxiety experienced by non-Muslim societies in the Western countries, and do these societies have a state of anxiety about Islam?

“There are divergent sections among the Western people. One among these segments judges Islam through research and deep study, and this section realizes that Islam is a peaceful religion and that Islam never imposed the religion on anyone,” he replied.

Al-Issa observed that this concept came through in-depth surveys and studies, and this section knows that the rule of no coerce in religion has been strictly applied by the moderate Islam.

Al-Issa stressed that clarifying the truth of the Islamic religion is primarily the responsibility of the followers of Islam, and the response must be effective, with a tangible impact.

He emphasized that MWL focused on the project of launching proactive initiatives and programs to promote positive integration in the Western and other countries.

Al-Issa initiated a major project aimed at re-presenting Islam to others in a clear way, with its immortal values based on peace, moderation, and coexistence.

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