U.N. Security Council adopts four resolutions during Indonesian presidency

U.N. Security Council adopts four resolutions during Indonesian presidency
The Security Council residence at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, the U.S. (RI's Foreign Affairs Ministry)
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Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Under the Indonesian Presidency during August 2020, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has adopted four resolutions, according to a statement from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs received by Indonesia Window here on Tuesday.

The four resolutions are an extension of the mandate of the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL); extension of the mandate of the peacekeeping mission in Somalia (UNSOM); extension of the sanction regime in Mali; and a resolution on female peacekeeping personnel which was initiated by Indonesia.

The UNSC resolution regarding female peacekeeping personnel is the first resolution in the history of Indonesian diplomacy in the UN Security Council, and is sponsored by 97 the UN member countries, including all UNSC member countries.

The UN Security Council consists of five permanent members, namely, China, France, the Russian Federation, Britain and the United States, as well as ten non-permanent members who are elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly.

The current non-permanent members of the UN Security Council are Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, Niger, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, South Africa, Tunisia and Vietnam.

In addition, a resolution proposed by Indonesia on countering terrorism has also received the support of 14 UN Security Council member states, but could not be ratified due to a veto by one country.

All the UN Security Council member countries regret the use of veto against the resolution.

During its tenure in the UNSC Presidency in August 2020, Indonesia also initiated and chaired various other important meetings.

Indonesia chaired breakfast meetings and sofa talks with the UN Security Council ambassadors at the office of the permanent mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations in New York, United States; meetings with the UN Secretary General; briefings with the UN members at the beginning and end of the presidency; as well as briefings with non-government organizations and the media that specifically cover the UN.

While holding the presidency, Indonesia continues to strive to play a role as a bridge builder, as well as contribute to world peace amid the COVID-19 pandemic and maintain the principles of international laws.

The Security Council presidency is held by each member in turn for one month, following the English alphabetical order of the member states names.

The UN Security Council presidency is proceeded by Niger on September 2020.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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