Tunisia helps improve Arabic translation competence for Indonesian officials

Tunisia helps improve Arabic translation competence for Indonesian officials
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Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Nations around the world are increasingly interconnected as common interests continue to strengthen, and thus good communication capabilities are needed as an effort to enhance relations.

Arabic with around 420 million speakers worldwide ranks sixth as the most widely spoken language, making it very important to learn as the second language in Indonesia that is massively expanding and strengthening relations with countries around the world.

Seven educational institutions and translation agencies in Tunisia have stated to assist the Indonesian Government to develop Arabic translation competencies for those who assume a functional position of translators both at the central and regional levels.

The statement was conveyed when the Tunisian institutions met with   delegates of the Indonesian Cabinet Secretariat who paid a visit to Tunis on Wednesday (Nov 20), the Government News Network reported as quoted by Indonesia Window here on Friday.

The seven educational institutions and translation agencies in Tunisia are the Faculty of Literature and Humaniora at  9 Avril University, Tunis; Sousse University School of Literature and Humaniora; The Institute for Training and Studies under the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Tunis Institute of Translation (Institute de Traduction de Tunis); Bourguiba Scholl; Tunisia-Africa Press Agency, and the Tunisian National Library.

Assistant to the Deputy for the Section on Conference Organization at the Indonesian Cabinet Secretariat, Sjahriati Rochmah, will prepare a draft of Memorandum of Understanding as a legal umbrella to govern cooperation on Arabic training and translation in more detail for the functional translators.

“Through the MoU, Indonesian government translators have the opportunity to improve their competence in Arabic translation by directly learning in an Arabic speaking country,” Sjahriati Rochmah said.

With the program, translators are expected to assist the government in its effort to strengthen cooperation with Arabic-speaking countries.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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