Little big question: Who “created” Allah (ﷻ)?

Little big question: Who
A calligraphy of Allah (ﷻ). (ARadhwa)
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Since I was a very little child, I always heard Allah (ﷻ) that has been named many times, but never did I see His face and voice. Never does He come to my house either.

My parents’ friends and my family used to visit us, but why didn’t Allah (ﷻ) do it? Why has Allah (ﷻ) never showed His face?

My father said every time I meet Allah (ﷻ). Even before I was born.

“Radhwa, didn’t you remember when you were still in Umi’s belly (abdomen)?” my father asked.

I just shook my head.

“Well, it was kinda being like that. Radhwa met Allah (ﷻ) since in Umi’s womb which we may call it a world of spirit. But, you has forgotten. Allah (ﷻ) exists continuously, all the time. But don’t think that Allah (ﷻ) is a sort of human beings, animals, plants, or any other objects because His form is not the same with all the things in the world. As Allah (ﷻ) is the creator, how could He be the same with us?,” my father explained.

Instead of understanding, I was even more confused than before. So, what does Allah (ﷻ) look like?

Anyway, when I went to kindergarten in Taman Kajang Utama Selangor in Malaysia, I asked my father to draw the face of Allah (ﷻ). But my father only painted a calligraphy showing the name of Allah (ﷻ) with crayons.

I was not satisfied because I think the form of Allah (ﷻ) should not only that much.

Now, as I am in 6th grade, the question mark about Allah (ﷻ) again comes up in my mind.

So, yesterday I asked my father, “Who created Allah (ﷻ)? How was Allah (ﷻ) created?

Since I am big enough now, my father answered it with a human logic.

“Allah (ﷻ) is the creator. How could the creator be created? Does it make sense?”, my father asked me back, making me silent for a moment.

About the prophet

Then, I asked again about the prophet ﷺ whose face has never been shown in films or pictures.

“Why did the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ’s face in the movies or books has to be showed like a light?”

Now my mother answered it. She said, “If anyone wanted to draw Radhwa’s face even though they had never met face-to-face with you, how the drawings would like? There would be your face with sharp noses or snub ones. Or, you would be a thin or fat girl. There might be people who drew Radhwa with white or black. So, which one is correct, does Radhwa has sharp or pug nose? ”

I laughed loudly and embarrassed over my mother’s words. ?

But that does not mean I will stop asking questions about this matter, because actually there are still many questions about Allah (ﷻ) dangling in my mind.

I have a feeling that other people might think my question isn’t logical?. Let alone, I’m just a kid, even though I’m already in the 6th grade.

Hmmm … Adults do really like to underestimate the little ones…

Author: ARadhwa Sagena Hasyim (a 6th grade student, lives in Samarinda, East Kalimantan)

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  1. Rasulullah ﷺ have explained to us that this question came from syaithan in one of the hadits & we should ask proctection from Allah if this came up in our mind.
    We shall meet Allah in His Heaven, it will be the greatest gift from Allah for the people of heaven to see Allah’s face directly and clearly(as clear as we see full moon in clear night sky).
    Hopefully Allah grant us His Heaven without ever need experiencing hellfire .. اَمــين يـاربّ الـعـالـميــن
    So make it a motivation, to see the face of Allah in heaven, to motivate us to do sholat, fasting, zakat and other good deeds


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