Indonesia’s NC 212i handed over to Thailand

Indonesia’s NC 212i handed over to Thailand
Workers were working at PT DI's aircraft manufacturing facility in Bandung, West Java. (Indonesia Window)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – An NC-212i multi-purpose aircraft made by Indonesian aerospace company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI), with registration number AX-2125 landed smoothly at Nakhon Sawan Air Base, Thailand on Monday (Nov 11) at 17.00 local time.

The seven-ton aircraft ordered by the Thai Government was then handed over from the Head of the Planning and Management Program Sub-Directorate of PT DI, Iwan Krisnanto, to the Thai Director General of the Department of Rain-making and Agricultural Aviation and Cooperation, Dr. Surasri Kidtimonton, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported as quoted by Indonesia Window here, Wednesday.

The handover procession was carried out with a two-hour flight test to see the performance of the two-engine aircraft when the two engines were on and when one engine was turned off. The flight test also showed the aircraft’s performance when it landed.

The flight test was carried out jointly by the Indonesian and Thai pilot captains.

Indonesian Ambassador to Thailand Ahmad Rusdi witnessed the ceremonial handover of the national aircraft product.

“The handover of PTDI’s aircraft to Thailand is special because it coincides with the commemoration of the National Heroes Day,” the ambassador said.

He noted Indonesia’s opportunity to develop the strategic industrial sectors in Thailand was wide open. Thailand is planning to order more similar aircraft from PT DI.

Earlier, on October 24, 2019, an NC-212i with registration number AX-2124 also landed at the Nakhon Sawan Air Base.

According to the PT DI Technician Team, before being handed over to Thailand, the aircraft had been tested with flight hours of no less than 20 hours.

Data from the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok showed that between 1978 and 2016, Thailand had purchased eight planes made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia. The eight planes consist of five NC-212 for agricultural purposes for the Rain-making Department, two CN-235-200, and one CN-235-200M for the Royal Thai Police.

With the handing over of two aircrafts in 2019, Thailand has bought 10 aircrafts made by PT DI.

The NC-212i aircraft is the latest generation multipurpose aircraft from NC-212 with a capacity of 28 passengers. It has a ramp door, a large cabin in its class, as well as a modern navigation and communication system.

PT DI has produced 115 units of NC-212 to meet domestic and foreign orders. That number is around 19.6 percent of the total population of 586 NC-212 series worldwide.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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