Indonesia records inflation of 0.40 pct in May 2022

Indonesia records inflation of 0.40 pct in May 2022
Illustration. A supermarket in Bogor district, West Java province. (Indonesia Window)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Indonesia recorded inflation of 0.40 percent in May 2022, with 87 of 90 cities seeing inflation and three others experiencing deflation.

The highest inflation occurred in Tanjung Pandan (Bangka Belitung Islands province) at 2.24 percent and the lowest was in Gunungsitoli city (North Sumatra province) and Tangerang city (Banten proivince), each at 0.05 percent, Head of the Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Margo Yuwono, told a press conference on Thursday (May 2).

“Inflation occurred due to price increases in most indexes of the expenditure group, namely the food, beverage and tobacco group by 0.78 percent, the transportation group by 0.65 percent, and the food and beverage/restaurant supply group by 0.54 percent,” Margo explained.

He added that the price increases were shown in the household equipment, equipment and routine maintenance group by 0.43 percent, the personal care and other services group by 0.32 percent, and the recreation, sports and cultural group by 0.30 percent.

Other increases were also recorded in the health group of 0.19 percent, the housing, water, electricity, and household fuel group by 0.10 percent, the information, communication and financial services group by 0.03 percent, and the education group by 0 .01 percent.

Meanwhile, the expenditure group that experienced a decline in the index was clothing and footwear by 0.20 percent. The inflation rate for the calendar year (January-May) 2022 is 2.56 percent and the year-on-year inflation rate (May 2022 to May 2021) is 3.55 percent, Margo pointed out.

He added that the core component in May 2022 experienced inflation of 0.23 percent. The core component inflation rate for the calendar year (January–May) 2022 is 1.63 percent and the year-on-year core component inflation rate (May 2022 to May 2021) is 2.58 percent.

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