Indonesia records 0.37 pct inflation in November 2021

A traditional market in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta on September 23, 2019. (Indonesia Window)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Statistics Indonesia (BPS) has recorded inflation in November 2021 at 0.37 percent, following the increase in prices of various commodities.

“The rise of prices for various commodities in November 2021 generally resulting in inflation of 0.37 percent,” the BPS’ head Margo Yuwono said at a press conference here on Wednesday (Dec. 1).

Of the 11 expenditure categories, three groups have the most contribution to November’s inflation.

The first expenditure group is food, beverages and tobacco with inflation of 0.84 percent, contributing to inflation of 0.21 percent.

The second expenditure group is transportation with inflation in November of 0.51 percent, and contributing to overall inflation of 0.06 percent. This inflation is due to an increase in public transport fares.

The third group of expenditures is housing, water, electricity and household fuel, with inflation of 0.14 percent, contributing to overall inflation of 0.03 percent.

“This is due to the increase in house rents and house contracts with an inflation rate of 0.01 percent each,” Margo pointed out.

With inflation in November, inflation for the calendar year from January to November is 1.3 percent, and year-on-year (yoy) is 1.75 percent.

From the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 90 cities in November 2021, as many as 84 cities had inflation, while six cities had deflation.

The highest inflation occurred in Sintang district (West Kalimantan province) of 2.01 percent due to an increase in household fuel prices, contributing to inflation of 0.27 percent, chicken eggs 0.23 percent and long beans 0.19 percent.

Meanwhile, the lowest inflation was found in Bima city (West Nusa Tenggara province) and Pontianak city (West Kalimantan) at 0.02 percent.

Of the six cities that had deflation, the highest value found in Kotamobagu (North Sulawesi province) at minus 0.53 percent due to a decrease in the prices of leeks, skipjack tuna, cayenne pepper and kale, each contributing 0.15 percent to deflation.

Meanwhile, the lowest deflation occurred in Tual city (Maluku province) at minus 0.16 percent.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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