Indonesia launches state-owned holding enterprise named ID FOOD

Indonesia launches state-owned holding enterprise named ID FOOD
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Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Indonesian government officially launched a food enterprise holding company named ID FOOD on Wednesday (Jan. 12) to create a transformation of an integrated food ecosystem from upstream to downstream to increase the inclusiveness and welfare of farmers and fishermen.

The ID FOOD launching event showcased various basic necessities, such as cooking oil, sugar, meat, rice, salt, and plant fertilizers.

The government appointed PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (RNI) as the state-owned holding company for food through a government regulation which was signed at the end of 2021.

The establishment of the state-owned holding food company is in line with the government’s vision and mission in carrying out the transformation of the sector of foods which includes rice, corn, chili, onions, sugar, and salt, as well as chicken, meat, and fish.

The selling of these commodities will be connected within a supply chain system that ends in retail sales. The merchants can even be promoted to become world-class companies.

The holding food company applies a modern corporate governance, and also acts as an off taker for a number of food commodities.

The holding company is expected to strengthen the supply and food distribution chains in order to cope with various challenges in the future.

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