Former Indonesian president calls on world leaders to lower egos to overcome global crisis

global crisis
The 6th President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) delivered a speech at a meeting of former heads of state who are members of the Club de Madrid (CdM) in Berlin on October 31, 2022, morning local time. (The Yudhoyono Institute)
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Today, the G20 faces a serious dilemma about how to effectively address the global crisis, when competition and division dominate the world.


Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Indonesia’s 6th President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on world leaders to lower their egos and work together to solve three issues of global crisis, namely the Russia-Ukraine war, the threat of an economic recession and the climate change.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (popularly known as SBY) made the call at a meeting of former heads of state who are members of the Club de Madrid (CdM) in Berlin (Oct. 31) morning local time, Director of the Yudhoyono Institute, Mira Permatasari, said in a written statement received here on Wednesday.

“We live in a world that is divided. A world that is locked in rivalry. Each one stays in her/his position. Distrust is high. The space for dialogue is shrinking,” the former Indonesian president at the opening of the meeting.

The former Indonesian president further said that insecurity towards each other is increasing, the arms race is re-emerging, the zero-sum approach is increasingly considered commonplace, and there is a lack of global leadership that can get the world out of this non-ideal condition.

On this occasion, SBY invited world leaders to answer three big questions, “Firstly, how do we solve the complex multidimensional crises, namely those on the security, economic, humanitarian, environmental, and political elements that are intertwined”.

He continued, “Secondly, in a world full of competition and distrust, how can we increase the space for cooperation among nations, including among members of the civil society. Thirdly, because the world order seems to be fading, how do we adjust the world order to the realities and needs of the 21st century? “.

In session 1 of the discussion, the Indonesian head of state for the 2004 – 2014 period recalled that the cooperation among world leaders was successful.

“We have done this before in 2008. When the world was hit by the global financial crisis, the G20 countries succeeded in solving problems by working together, hand in hand,” SBY noted.

Today, the G20 faces a serious dilemma about how to effectively address global crisis, when competition and division dominate the world, he said, adding that this is why it is so important to end the war in Ukraine so that the international community can refocus their energies on addressing the global crisis of common concern.

“We may not be power holders, but with unquestionably good and sincere intentions, we have a moral obligation to offer constructive ideas, which we may suggest to the G20, the UN Security Council, and the world leaders now in power,” SBY said.

SBY further said, “Our voices may not be heard by the world community, however, I believe we have a moral obligation to share our views. We don’t want to be blamed by history because we do nothing”.

The meeting entitled ‘2022 Berlin Policy Dialogue’: Leading in a World of Converging Crises was also attended by, among others, former President of Slovakia Danilo Türk who is also the current President of the Club de Madrid, former Prime Minister of Senegal Aminata Touré (2013-2014), and former Chancellor of Austria Wolfgang Schüssel (2000 – 2007).

The meeting was also attended online by former German President Horst Kohler (2004-2010), and former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark (1999-2008) as well as other former heads of state, both from developed and developing countries.

UN Secretary General António Guterres also gave his remarks and appreciation for this initiative which was delivered online.

The Executive Director of The Yudhoyono Institute (TYI) Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) attended the meeting. TYI was one of the initiators of this meeting, along with the Club de Madrid, the Liz-Mohn Center and the German Federal Foreign Office.

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