Arumanis mango abundant in Rembang, C Java

A mango tree grows at a house yard of a resident. (Indonesian Window)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Indonesia is rich of many varieties of mango. One of which is Arumanis which consist of two words of “arum” means fragrant and “manis” means sweet.

For those who really like mango, the areas of Kragan, Pancur, Lasem, Sluke and Sulang  in Rembang Regency, Central Java Province, are among the main destinations to get Arumanis.

In these four districts, there are some Arumanis centers with plantations of hundreds of hectares located in the 60-90 meters above sea level. Some of the plantations are more than 15 years old, according to the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture website as quoted by Indonesia Window here, Saturday.

The Head of the Food and Horticultural Crops Division of Rembang Regency, Desti Muryadi, revealed that currently the mango production centers in the areas can be easily found everywhere.

In addition to the plantations, mango trees are also commonly found planted in the house yards of people in the regency.

“The productivity of 15-20 years old trees can reach five quintals per tree. This amount is extraordinary as mango farmers in Rembang Regency only rely on rain-fed irrigation,” Desti noted.

She added that in Kragan district there are mango clusters which help farmer  market fresh mangoes and support them to produce mango-based ingredients for household-scale derivative products.

Meanwhile, Karman, a mango farmer, said that in Kerep Village there are at least 70 hectares of mango plantations.

“There are still potential plots of land covering  30-40 hectares which are available for new plantations,” he pointed out.

Aside from being a farmer, Karman also collects mangoes from farmers, and then supplies the crops to Semarang and Yogyakarta. Twice a week he sends mangoes to Yogyakarta at an average of 12 tons.

I also supply six tons of mangoes for Semarang markets once a week. The price ranges from Rp6,000 to Rp10,000 per kilogram depending on the size or grade,” Karman noted.

Meanwhile, the Director of Fruit and Floriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture, Liferdi Lukman, said the government is committed to supporting the development of Arumanis mangoes in Rembang Regency.

“According to the 2020 Horticultural Grand Design, we will expand the mango plantations in Rembang,” he said.

At least 200 hectares of land will be allocated to strengthen Rembang as an integrated area of ​​quality mangoes in the Northern Coast of Java, he added.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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